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Dr. Joan Borysenko’s work has been foundational in an international healthcare revolution that recognizes meaning and spirituality as integral to wellness and healing. When chronic stress and disease depress the body’s innate capacity to heal, a more expansive spiritual perspective can help calm the mind, open the heart, and restore physical and emotional resilience.

In this video, “The Power of the Graces” – Joan introduces you to the human qualities, character strengths or virtues she calls “The Graces”. When we cultivate these traits, we promote authentic happiness. The new field of positive psychology focuses on identifying and growing what is right with us, rather than fixating on what seems wrong. This change in perspective is nothing short of a miracle.

Research reveals that all human beings have the seeds of 6 virtues (Wisdom, Courage, Humanity, Justice, Temperance, and Transcendence) within us, each comprised of several character strengths. There are 24 character strengths in all. When we use the strengths we already have (our signature strengths), we experience greater happiness and wellbeing…we flourish, i.e. we become infinitely gracious and graceful. Literally full of grace. This is life’s deepest calling. When we nurture the good within ourselves, and add to it consciously by developing new strengths, then goodness pours out of whatever we do, as naturally as water runs down a hill.

Each month in GraceFull360 you will be introduced to a new character strength with a video, text with useful links, and reflection questions. Some will be signature strengths that you already have, and others will be strengths that you can develop. Imagine what our world would be like if we were taught to nurture the seeds of goodness in ourselves and our children with simple, scientifically proven methods that help us train the brain and nervous system to flourish, rather than letting fear and worry take over and cause us to wither rather than to bloom. This is truly the power of the Graces.

Registration is now open for GraceFull360 Autumn!

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