A Seasonal Guide to Spiritual Practice, Body Balance & Healing Wisdom
There is a lot to be concerned about in our world…

Politics, climate change, health concerns, not to mention relationships, even our to-do lists.  And yet…

There is so much beauty and goodness and grace, just waiting to be found. We have only to open our eyes and look around. When we seek grace, we will find it…And it will lead us home to a deeper sense of self, spirit and connection.

What if grace filled your life every day?
It can.

Each and every day, I’m filled with grace through just a few mindful minutes of inspiration, simple healing practices or quiet contemplation.

Over fifty years exploring the mind-body-spirit connection has taught me how to live well, and from the bottom of my heart, I want to share what I’ve learned with you.

Let me show you how to implement small daily doses of optimism and self-caring, day-by-day, season-by-season. You will find yourself living in harmony with the seasonal patterns reflected by your bodily, emotional and spiritual rhythms. Together, we’ll engage in life-enhancing skills and spiritual practices to keep us centered and joyful, no matter what life has in store for us.

GraceFull360 is a doable down-to-earth and up-to-heaven interactive program designed to guide you through a full season’s worth of self-reflections, meditations, rituals, recipes, herbal remedies, and tools for authentic happiness— well integrated to help you maximize the full potential of the bio-energies and spiritual gifts of each season.

Learn how GraceFull360 can inspire you to fulfill your days with grace and wellbeing.
I look forward to our journey together!
GraceFull360 is a seasonal guide to spiritual practice, body balance and healing wisdom.

This is an online, multi-dimensional, self-directed program (not live) so you can learn and play at your own pace, and as your curiosity moves you. We will support each other through our private Facebook community page, and in monthly, live interactive Zoom sessions.

Why Seasonal?

Perhaps the most stressful effect of our modern culture is that we have all but lost our sense of how the seasonal rhythms of nature correlate with our bodily, emotional and spiritual rhythms, and how our inner natures are so intimately connected to our natural environment.

GraceFull360 is a guide for your mindful, healing journey as you experience the unique gifts and grace of each season.

There is a 3-month module for each season of GraceFull360

Each module will teach you how to:

  • Understand the predictable shifts of the seasonal energies that govern the earth, and each one of us.
  • Identify blessings and challenges of the season.
  • Cultivate mindful awareness to evolve and grow with the natural cycle of the year.
  • Gather spiritual opportunities for resting, rebirthing, flourishing and gathering grace.
  • Develop character strengths to live in peaceful harmony within each season of your life.
  • Embody the essence of that season through deeply nourishing foods and herbal remedies.
  • Engage Mind-Body-Spirit tools in every season to maintain balance and become GraceFull in a deeply holistic 360 degree way.
The Seasons:

Spring ~ March 21st—June 20th
The Season of Rebirthing

Summer ~ June 21st—September 20th
The Season of Flourishing

Autumn ~ September 21st — December 20th
The Season of Gathering

Winter ~ December 21st—March 20th
The Season of Resting

What are the 6 paths to getting GraceFull360?

1. The Essence of Sacred Ritual

2. The Heart of Meditation

3. The Power of the Graces

4. The Nectar of Self-Reflection

5. The Zen of Eating

6. The Vitality of Herbs

I’m truly delighted to be joined by my soul sister and colleague, Gilah Rosner, who will help support our seasonal wellness journey.

What you will receive with each Season:

  • 3 of Joan’s beautiful guided audio meditations to download and play again and again, PLUS a video introduction to each meditation AND an introductory presentation by Joan on meditation.
  • 3 of Joan’s instructive videos (with accompanying inspirational questions) illuminating a signature ‘Grace’ to grow authentic happiness PLUS an introductory video about Positive Psychology and the human qualities we call the “Graces”.
  • 3 seasonal go-to recipes and 3 herbal remedies from Gilah, complete with easy instructions and color photos.
  • Wonderfully informative articles from Gilah on “The Zen of Eating”, “The Nature of Energetics” and the fundamentals of herbal medicine.
  • 3 sets of self-reflection questions for journaling or contemplation that reflect the energies of that month.
  • 3 sacred rituals to celebrate the spirit of each month, PLUS “How to create a home altar”.
  • Weekly emails to inspire your seasonal wellness.
  • Invitation to join a private Facebook group to share experiences in our GraceFull360 community.
  • Invitation to monthly Zoom interactive session.
  • Bonus material… wonderful resources and a few things we just love.

How It Works:

Each 3-month seasonal module will be available separately.
Within that season, new materials we be released each month.

All materials will be available for you to download for the duration of that season only. When the next season arrives, a new 3-month program will become available for registration.

GraceFull360 will not overload you.

  • Inspire your best self through delicious morsels of meditation, positive psychology and healing wisdom.
  • Enjoy an easy nourishing recipe or herbal remedy.
  • Delight in some quiet moments of self-reflection.
  • Do a little or do a lot…whatever you choose will benefit you, as small changes over time have enormous impact.
  • As a bonus, we’re pleased to offer you a potpourri of other healing treats to make you feel good and full of grace.
  • A fresh new season of GraceFull360 awaits you!

Ramakrishna said, “The winds of God’s grace are always blowing. It is for us to raise the sails.” So, let’s go sailing together!

The price for the 3-month Summer Season of GraceFull360 is $177

The program will be posted on June 19. Six new practices will be posted on July 20 and six more on August 20. All materials will be available online through September 30.


Refund Policy & Course Material Access

Refunds will not be offered after June 17, 2020 for the Summer Season of GraceFull360.
All materials will be available for you to download through September 30, 2020.

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